How To Take Effective Minutes

How To Take Effective Minutes

Effective minutes should take minutes to read, not hours.  Do you want to be able to consistently produce professional minutes that people want to read and action as opposed to file in a drawer?

Following this virtual workshop you will be able to:

  • Determine the steps of the meeting cycle
  • Produce a structured meeting agenda to ensure a value driven meeting
  • Apply a range of proven note-taking methods
  • Demonstrate how to turn notes into reader-friendly minutes

Virtual Workshop Content

We will introduce the elements of the meeting cycle and identify the different responsibilities of the meeting participants to help understand where opportunities for improvement lie and what actions need to be taken to achieve a set of professional minutes. We will then consider the different ways to take notes to achieve great results. Finally, you will have the opportunity to develop your skill at creating minutes that are an accurate record of a meeting.

"Every great summer party starts with a list. Throwing something together chaotically ends up being more work than taking 15 minutes to make a plan first."

Katie Lee

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