Virtual & F2F One-Day Programmes

Developing Your Coaching Skills


Coaching is the quickest and most effective method for developing staff. It is the key tool for managers and leaders who want to motivate and support their team and develop new skills and confidence to improve performance and manage change.

We explore what we mean by coaching and the true purpose of coaching. We look at what a good coaching session looks like and what a not so good coaching session looks like. We explore the GROW Coaching Model and every attendee gets the chance to participate in at least three practical coaching sessions.

This one-day course will help managers and leaders at every level understand what effective coaching is while at the same time learn key coaching techniques that they can use in their everyday practice.

Presenting With Confidence

presenting with confidence

In today’s working world, presenting is a fact of life – it is a core business skill and we are expected to be good at it. For those of us who worry about presenting, this poses a huge problem: how do we learn to present and get good at it?

This one-day course is your answer. No matter what your current level is, you can teach yourself to be a really good presenter. Every aspect of presenting is covered, not only can you learn the nuts and bolts of putting a presentation together, but also the art of presentation performance.

Presenting with Confidence is full of tried and tested techniques, with secrets from the most accomplished presenters and, most importantly, lots and lots of encouragement to turn you into a brilliant presenter.

Developing Your Project Management Skills

Developing Your Project Management Skills

This one-day course is designed to take the mystique out of managing a project.
We will explore a range of tools and techniques so that you are able to confidently set up a project and then keep it on track, ensuring you deliver the outcomes you need.

Working on your own real life case study, you will be given the opportunity to use a range of tools and techniques so that they can be put into practice straight away. By the end of the course, you will have a clear framework for effectively delivering large and small projects.

This course is suitable for those who are new to project management or have some experience as a project manager.

Developing Your
Negotiation Skills

Developing Your Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate is crucial to business success today. Yet few of us are armed with the confidence, the skills or the qualities required for successful negotiation.

There is a belief that people are either good or bad at negotiation and little can be done to change that. There is also the belief that negotiation is an art rather than a science, and as a result people rely on gut instinct or intuition when they negotiate. Both these beliefs are myths.

This one-day course provides a clear, simple and effective approach and will equip participants with the tools and techniques to be more effective as a negotiator.

Managing Performance

Managing Performace

A robust performance management process is central to achieving high performance.

Setting SMART objectives that contain the “language of ownership”, monitoring performance both informally and formally, giving constructive feedback, knowing how to deal with under performance and holding an effective performance review meeting are essential skills for all managers.

This one-day virtual course will bring together the very best practice in performance management, enabling you to keep your performance management system and paperwork simple. This highly interactive virtual course will give you the confidence to sell performance management as a highly positive opportunity and encourage the very best performance from all your staff all day, every day.

Managing Change

Managing Change

The ability to cope with change is crucial to business and organisational success. To remain competitive in challenging times, organisations and the individuals within them have to adopt a positive attitude to change. Change should always be seen as an opportunity.

Changing how people think and what they do will always be a challenge because resisting change is just part of human nature.

Organisations seeking to change need to engage their people to not only be recipients of change but to be proactive in finding new ways of doing things. Because, at the end of the day, organisations don’t change – people change.

This one-day programme is suitable for those who want to learn a range of tips and techniques for managing change.

Creative Thinking
and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Would you like your employees to be more creative and innovative? They can be. When you apply creative thinking and innovation to every aspect of your business or organisation, you are able to have a sustainable competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competition.

This is a fast-paced, highly practical day with a very personal approach. Each delegate identifies their biggest workplace challenge and applies The Six-Step Creative Thinking Model to come up with the best solution for their identified challenge. Delegates use a range of simple, but very powerful creative and innovative techniques that can subsequently be used across all areas of their work.

The feedback from this one-day course has been consistently outstanding.

Developing Your
Personal Brand

Develop your Brand (2)

In today’s market, outstanding performance is no longer enough if you want to progress your career. Image and visibility are now essential components of career success. You are a brand – and you need to know what your brand stands for.

This one-day course builds a comprehensive profile of “Me PLC” – a fascinating insight into who you are and what you stand for. The starting point is knowing and understanding your personal brand. This will allow you to project the image and impression you want to create in the working environment in a consistent and authentic manner, thereby developing your unique brand.

Train The Trainer

Traing the Trainer

The key purpose of a training event is to help people to learn. Learning is an active process – people learn best when they feel involved, can ask and answer questions, discuss, debate, try things out, work in teams, and reflect on and apply ideas. Great trainers understand how people learn, what stops them learning and how to create a stimulating learning environment. Great trainers are facilitators – they encourage and manage discussions, ask great questions, set up interesting activities and provide a truly engaging learning experience.

This practical-based, one-day programme is packed with tips and techniques to take your training to a whole new level. It is suitable for new and experienced trainers who want to avail of the latest thinking, delivery and facilitation approaches so that they can provide motivational, memorable and dynamic training courses.

Having Challenging

Hold a challenging convo

Many managers and employees find it difficult to hold a challenging conversation.

The need to have a difficult conversation could arise when disagreeing with or challenging someone’s opinion, providing difficult feedback either about performance or behaviour, saying “no”, having conversations about personal problems such as sickness, or handling an emotional meeting.

This one-day course provides tips and proven techniques to confidently hold a challenging conversation.

Developing Your
Facilitation Skills


Group working is an essential part of modern organisational life and a group’s effectiveness is often greatly influenced by the ability of the facilitator working with the group. The facilitator acts as an enabler, bringing different people together to produce results greater than those that could be achieved individually.

This is one of our most popular one-day courses and is delivered in a highly interactive and engaging manner in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We will explore the science of facilitation and take part in a range of facilitation scenarios.

Time Management Skills

time management

We live in a world where we have more of everything – except time. In today’s workplace we are expected to do more, do it better, do it quicker, and do it for less.

This one-day course is for really busy people who want to be able to manage their time and themselves in the most effective way possible. The course helps you identify your tie management personality, what steals your time and provides proven techniques to help you plan, prioritise, and delegate effectively.

Building A High
Performing Team

Building a high perfomance team

If you have ever been part of a really great team you will know just how rewarding it can be. Great teams and teamwork are the ultimate competitive advantage any organisation or business has. Yet it is not easy to achieve, because it is not a management achievement – it is the achievement of the individuals themselves.

Management can only provide an environment where good teamwork and great teams are able to emerge and blossom.

In this fast-paced one-day programme you will learn how to build a great team and a high performance culture.

Managing Conflict

Manage Conflict

In a busy working environment internal conflicts can be detrimental to your company morale and business results. With the stress of delivering strategic objectives, meeting deadlines, and juggling different departmental priorities, having the ability to resolve conflict effectively is essential in the workplace today.

This one-day programme provides you with practical strategies to address conflict management.

Delivering Excellent
Customer Care

Develop Excellent Customer Care

Businesses and organisations that deliver differentiated, reliable and customer-focused service have a distinct competitive advantage. Customers today are more demanding than ever before – they no longer choose between speed, quality or price – they expect all three.

This one-day programme will equip attendees with the skills and techniques to deliver high quality customer service consistently.