The Highly Effective Leader

Course Summary

Leadership is complicated, challenging, and full of personal risk. But it also has the capacity to excite and enthuse.

As the leader, you define the culture. You mould what happens in your team and in the organisation. This demands a belief in oneself, a passion for the job, and a love of people. But equally, leadership requires humility, an awareness of others’ worlds, and a capacity for aloneness. It is a difficult balancing act that many leaders find challenging.

This two-day programme helps you meet that challenge by approaching the task of leadership from three different perspectives – self leadership, team leadership and strategic leadership.

Through facilitated discussion, challenging activities and practical advice, this programme demystifies the magic of leadership and, above all, answers the question “why should anyone be led by you?”

Day One focuses on YOU. What defines you as a leader? What is your style of leading really like? What do you believe about leadership? Self-awareness serves as the starting point for leadership success because greater self-knowledge is a prerequisite for improving personal effectiveness.

Day Two focuses on how you nurture relationships with others – building on the premise that leadership is really about growing others to lead. This second day of the programme explores the critical conversations every highly effective leader needs to have, how to coach for excellence, how to lead strategic change, while at the same time being prepared to think differently.

We use a robust evaluation system to measure the performance of the participants before, during and after the training. Before the training, each participant is sent a questionnaire to assess their existing knowledge, skills and experience. During the delivery of the training programme each participant records key learning points at the end of each of the six sessions in their Personal Development Plan. At the end of the training programme each participant identifies their key learning points and draws up an action plan. After two months each participant is contacted again and asked to rate their knowledge of the key learning points and describe how their behaviour has changed.

This is a highly experiential programme focusing on leadership behaviours and skills that enable participants to tackle their business challenges and drive organisational success.

“Leadership is simple, but not easy. We make leadership easy – by keeping it simple.”