Train The Trainer

Course Summary

Course Content:

The key purpose of a training event is to help people to learn. Learning is an active process – people learn best when they feel involved, can ask and answer questions, discuss, debate, try things out, work in teams, and reflect on and apply ideas. Great trainers understand how people learn, what stops them learning and how to create a stimulating learning environment. Great trainers are facilitators – they encourage and manage discussions, ask great questions, set up interesting activities and provide a truly engaging learning experience.

This practical-based, one-day programme is packed with tips and techniques to take your training to a whole new level. It is suitable for new and experienced trainers who want to avail of the latest thinking, delivery and facilitation approaches so that they can provide motivational, memorable and dynamic training courses.

  • The eight core competencies of a great trainer.
  • How we learn; catering for different learning styles; using learning logs.
  • Structuring your training event; setting up and debriefing group activities; showing flexibility
  • How to facilitate at an advanced level – asking the “right” questions.
  • Facilitation activities – each participant will have an opportunity to practice facilitation.
  • How to use visual aids for impact – video clips, flip charts, PowerPoint, music.
  • The key secret if you want to stand out as a great trainer.
  • Each participant will deliver a short training session.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will:

  • be aware of the eight core competencies of a great trainer.
  • understand how adults learn; how to cater for different learning styles; how to use learning logs.
  • know how to structure a training event, set up and debrief group activities.
  • be able to show flexibility in terms of – room layout, session timings, letting participants contribute within time constraints, how to handle difficult participants.
  • be able to facilitate at an advanced level – the “right” questions to ask to promote discussion.
  • be confident using modern visual aids – video clips, flip charts, PowerPoint, music.

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