How To Rise To The Challenge of Leadership As A Woman

(One-Day Virtual Programme)

Our highly experiential one-day leadership programme for women is delivered online as a series of three 90-minute virtual workshops. (The programme can also be delivered face-to-face).

We deliver the workshops on our Zoom platform as the Zoom features (chat, breakout rooms, polling etc) ensure the workshops are highly interactive and engaging. (We can also deliver the workshops on your preferred platform).

We provide electronic copies of any handouts/profiles (in advance of the workshop) along with the link and instructions for joining the workshop and this can be forwarded to each attendee. After the workshop we provide a copy of the PPT slides (to forward to attendees) a list of the attendees who attended and screenshots of the attendee feedback.

The workshops work best with between 10-20 attendees in terms of maintaining interaction. Attendees can participate from anywhere in the world.

This one-day programme costs £1800 plus VAT (working out at £112.50 per delegate with 16 delegates).

Course Overview:

Taking your leadership skills to another level

Leadership is complicated, challenging, and full of personal risk. It also has the capacity to excite and enthuse. As the leader, you define the culture. You mould what happens in your team and in the organisation. This demands a belief in oneself, a passion for the job, and a love of people.

Equally, leadership requires humility, an awareness of others’ worlds, and a capacity for aloneness. It is a difficult balancing act that many leaders find challenging.

This one-day programme helps you meet that challenge and learn how to be the exceptional female leader that you know you can be.

Course Content:

Using Your Unique Skillset As A Woman

  • Know how to use your unique skillset as a woman to lead a diverse workforce
  • Understand what you can do to lead and inspire the growing number of millennials and Gen Z employees in your organisation

Understanding Yourself and Maximising Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Examine the conscious and unconscious bias impacting the perceptions of female leaders; avoiding ‘negative ‘self-talk’ (often caused by ill-judged assumptions of how others treat us and why they do so)
  • Maximising your Emotional Intelligence and understanding ‘powerful v powerless’ body language

Thinking Strategically – Growing Yourself and Growing Others

  • Think strategically and develop a series of strategies to communicate and implement your leadership plans
  • Identify the traits of an excellent mentor and how you can offer your services to others

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook

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