How To Hold An Effective Performance Review

The performance review (appraisal) meeting is one of the three key elements of the performance management cycle alongside the setting of objectives and the on-going monitoring of performance.

The key to delivering an effective performance review is in the planning before the meeting. It is important therefore that the performance review meeting is well structured, productive and helpful for the employee.

This virtual workshop shows how to plan for and hold an effective performance review meeting and provides opportunities to practise holding a performance review meeting.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to hold an effective performance review meeting by:

  • being familiar with the 3 stages of the performance management cycle
  • knowing how to structure the performance review meeting
  • being aware of the one most important rule in an effective review meeting: the 20:80 rule
  • participate in a performance review role-play.

Virtual Workshop Content

In this virtual workshop participants are briefly introduced to the three stages of the performance management cycle – planning, monitoring and review.

The workshop focuses on the importance of effectively structuring the performance review meeting – acknowledging successes, identifying areas for development, how to best meet identified needs, starting to identify future objectives.

Participants are introduced to the key skill for ensuring the performance review meeting is highly effective – the 20:80 rule.

The workshop concludes with participants taking part in a performance review role-play scenario.

“There are three questions every employee is entitled to ask – what is expected of me, how am I doing, how can I do better?”

JJ Lynch, MD, Leading Edge Leadership

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