How To Build A High Performing Team

If you have ever been part of a really great team you will know just how rewarding it can be. Great teams and teamwork are the ultimate competitive advantage any organisation or business has. Yet it is not easy to achieve, because it is not a management achievement- it is the achievement of the individuals themselves. Management can only provide an environment where good teamwork and great teams are able to emerge and blossom.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to build a high performance culture by:

  • Identifying your team management style: a self-evaluation
  • The 6 characteristics of great team leaders
  • Learning how to recruit, develop and grow your team
  • Knowing the 4 questions every team needs to ask of itself at least once a year.

Virtual Workshop Content

Participants explore the difference between a group and a team and we identify the three stages every team goes through in its development.

We look at why teams are important in the workplace and participants are introduced to the four questions every team leader needs to ask of their team at least once a year.

In a very powerful breakout room activity participants create a series of statements to describe their Dream Team and using a short profile each participant identifies their preferred management style when working as part of a team.

“Talent wins games; teamwork wins championships”

Michael Jordan

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