Presenting Virtually

Course Summary

Course Content:

This one-day virtual programme is suitable for those who want to learn how to design and deliver great virtual presentations and take their virtual presentation skills to another level.

In today’s new working reality, being able to present virtually is a must – it is now the new core business skill and we are expected to be good at it. For those of us who worry about presenting virtually, this poses a huge problem: how do we learn to present in this new virtual world and get good at it?

This one day virtual programme is your answer. No matter what your current level is, you can learn to be a really good virtual presenter. Every aspect of presenting virtually is covered, not only can you learn the nuts and bolts of putting a great virtual presentation together, but also the art of virtual presentation performance. Presenting Virtually is full of tried and tested techniques, with secrets from the most accomplished virtual presenters and, most importantly, lots and lots of encouragement to turn you into a brilliant virtual presenter.

  • Identify the ten qualities of a great virtual presenter and learn the three things all great virtual presenters do.
  • How to make your virtual presentation memorable by keeping it simple.
  • The innovative presentation techniques so eloquently used by Barack Obama – how we can use these techniques virtually
  • Presentation Preparation: the three steps you must take before you deliver your virtual presentation – profile your audience, structure and shape your messages, design your visual aids.
  • Presentation Structure: the three steps for delivering the perfect virtual presentation – hook, three key messages, conclusion.
  • The Fundamentals of Virtual Presenting – your virtual presence, tips and techniques for engaging your audience, embracing the technology.
  • How to design PowerPoint slides for maximum virtual impact; the two secrets you need to be aware of when presenting virtually.
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver a two-minute work-related virtual presentation with “coaching-in-the-moment” (your presentation can be recorded if you want a recording).
  • How to effectively handle a virtual Q&A session so that you finish on a high note with your virtual audience.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will:

  • Have a very simple three-step template for preparing a virtual presentation and a very powerful three-step template for delivering a virtual presentation.
  • Be aware of the three things all great virtual presenters do in relation to how they look, how they sound and, what they do
  • Understand the power of simplicity for delivering a memorable virtual presentation.
  • Prepare and deliver a two-minute work-related virtual presentation with coaching-in-the-moment.
  • Know how to design PowerPoint slides for maximum effect and how to handle a virtual Q&A session so that you are always in control.

Workshop Format

Leading Edge Leadership’s workshops are designed to make a powerful impact on what your people do and how they do it.

Our one-day virtual training programmes consist of 3 x 90-minute virtual workshops, typically scheduled at the following times:

9.30 am – 11.00 am: Workshop 1
12.00 pm – 1.30 pm: Workshop 2
3.00 pm – 4.30 pm: Workshop 3

This scheduling allows for adequate breaks between each workshop that will fit in easily around hectic work schedules and has proved hugely successful.

Our team of ten highly experienced trainers provide a truly engaging virtual learning experience.

  • You can connect from anywhere in the world.
  • Presenting Virtually works best with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 attendees. (Our other workshops can have up to 20 attendees).
  • We deliver this programme “live” on our Zoom platform as the Zoom features (breakout rooms, polling, idea boards, facilitated activities, video clips and story-telling ) ensure the workshops are highly interactive and engaging. We can also deliver the workshops on your preferred platform.
  • We provide electronic copies of any handouts/profiles (in advance of the programme) along with the link and instructions for joining and this can be forwarded to each attendee. After the programme we provide a copy of the PPT slides (to forward to attendees), a list of the attendees who attended and screenshots of the attendee feedback.
  • This one-day virtual programme costs £1800 per day (plus VAT) – working out at £112.50 per attendee with 16 attendees.

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