Having Challenging Conversations

Course Summary:

This one-day virtual programme is suitable for those who want to learn a range of tips and techniques to be able to effectively hold a challenging conversation.

Many managers and employees find it difficult to hold a challenging conversation.

The need to have a difficult conversation could arise when disagreeing with or challenging someone’s opinion, providing difficult feedback either about performance or behaviour, saying “no”, having conversations about personal problems such as sickness, or handling an emotional meeting.

This one-day virtual course provides tips and proven techniques to confidently hold a challenging conversation.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to approach challenging conversations with greater confidence
  • Learn a four-step model to use in challenging conversations
  • Have reflected on “why people do what they do”
  • Learn a technique to be assertive without ever being aggressive

Course Content:

  • Identifying occasions when we need to have a challenging conversation
  • The three elements of conflict and the four levels of conflict
  • Identifying behaviours, beliefs and assumptions
  • The four supporting personality characteristics for handling a challenging conversation well
  • Your preferred style when having a challenging conversation – your profile
  • A four-step model to use for preparing for a challenging conversation
  • Practising the 4-Step Challenging Conversation Model using a relevant workplace scenario
  • Being able to “think on your feet” and have a challenging conversation (without any preparation)
  • Learning and practising a technique to “disagree agreeably.

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