The Highly Effective Leader (2 Day Webinar)

Our highly experiential leadership programme “The Highly Effective Leader” can be delivered online as a series of six 90-minute webinars (3 webinars each day).

We deliver the webinars on our Zoom platform as the Zoom features (chat, breakout rooms, polling etc) ensure the webinars are highly interactive and engaging. (We can also deliver the webinars on your preferred platform).

We provide electronic copies of any handouts/profiles (in advance of the webinar) along with the link and instructions for joining the webinar and this can be forwarded to each attendee. After the webinar we provide a copy of the PPT slides (to forward to attendees) a list of the attendees who attended and screenshots of the attendee feedback.

The webinars work best with between 10-20 attendees in terms of maintaining interaction. Attendees can participate from anywhere in the world.

This two-day programme costs £1250 plus VAT per day, £2500 plus VAT for the two days (working out at £83 per delegate per day with 15 delegates).

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course you will:

  • understand the unusual combination of attributes for effective leadership.
  • know what defines you as a leader, what you believe about leadership, and how you lead as a leader.
  • understand that success in leadership is about “growing others” to be leaders.
  • be aware of the importance of having a strategic vision; know how to build rapport and show empathy in order to sell your vision and get buy-in.
  • know how to give and receive feedback and be aware of the power of affirmation.
  • have teased out the critical conversations every highly effective leader needs to have regularly with their team/s.
  • know how to coach to build a high performance culture.
  • be able to deal with difficult people and situations and learn a technique to differ decisively.
  • be aware of the lessons every leader can learn from the leadership style of Barack Obama.

Course Content:

The Paradox of Leadership

  • A belief in oneself V a decent doubt.
  • A passion for the job V an awareness of others’ worlds.
  • A love of people V a capacity for aloneness.

What Defines You As A Leader

  • Identifying your core leadership values.
  • Your preferred leadership style.
  • What you believe about leadership – your leadership point of view.

How You Communicate As A Leader – Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating 

  • Creating and communicating a strategic vision.
  • How to build rapport and empathy – the 10 key principles.
  • How to give and receive feedback – the power of affirmation.

Dealing With Difficult People And Situations

  • Learn how to positively manage the 7 difficult people types
  • Identify your preferred conflict-handling style
  • Learn a four-step model for having a challenging conversation.

The “Other” Conversations Every Leader Needs To Have

  • Learn how to grow others through coaching
  • Explore the difference between teaching, mentoring, coaching and facilitating
  • Take part in various one-to-one and group coaching role plays.

Building And Leading A High Performing Team

  • The four questions every leader needs to ask of their team
  • We learn and practise a technique to disagree agreeably
  • We learn and practise a technique called “The Power of Affirmation”.