The Highly Effective Manager (2 Day Webinar)

Our signature two-day management programme ‘The Highly Effective Manager’ can be delivered online. Alternatively we can deliver as a series of six 90-minute webinars (3 webinars each day).

We deliver the webinars on our Zoom platform. The features (chat, breakout rooms, polling etc) ensure the webinars are highly interactive and engaging. (We can also deliver the webinars on your preferred platform).

We provide electronic copies of any handouts/profiles (in advance of the webinar). These are sent along with the link and instructions for joining the webinar and this can be forwarded to each attendee. After the webinar we provide a copy of the PPT slides (to forward to attendees), a list of the attendees who attended and screenshots of the attendee feedback.

The webinars work best with between 10-20 attendees in terms of maintaining interaction. Attendees can participate from anywhere in the world.

This two-day programme costs £1250 plus VAT per day, £2500 plus VAT for the two days. This works out at £83 per delegate per day with 15 delegates.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course you will:

  • Have identified the core skills, behaviours and mindset of a highly effective manager.
  • Know how to manage your time effectively in terms of how you plan, prioritise and delegate.
  • Be able to manage performance effectively through the writing of SMART objectives, asking the “right” questions in informal conversations, and knowing how to hold an effective performance review meeting; understand how to manage under performance.
  • Know how to recruit, develop and build a high performing and motivated team.
  • Understand the key principle underlying all successful change and be familiar with a simple step-by-step process for managing successful change.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in terms of body language and the words you use, learn how to give and receive feedback, including a technique to give a difficult message.

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Course Content:

How To Excel As A Manager

  • what highly effective managers do, know, say, see, hear and look like
  • the qualities of a highly effective manager
  • the difference between managing and leading

How To Manage Your Time Better

  • what is your time management personality
  • how to plan short-term and long term
  • how to prioritise effectively
  • the 5 secrets of successful delegation
How To Manage Performance 

  • how the 3 stages of the performance management cycle are linked to the 3 questions employees are entitled to ask
  • the right way to write a SMART objective
  • how to monitor performance informally
  • the ONE golden rule for a successful performance review meeting
How To Build A High Performing Team

  • how to manage your team remotely
  • identifying your preferred team management style
  • the 4 questions every manager needs to ask of their team
How To Manage Change 

  • identifying the ONE thing that needs to happen for successful change to happen
  • the five stages in managing change – vision, skills, incentive, resources, action plan

How To Communicate Better

  • the 5 levels of listening
  • a technique for giving constructive feedback
  • how to write an effective email

“We are currently rolling out this two-day virtual programme to all of our 130 managers. The feedback from every delegate has been wonderful. Well-structured with good breaks between each session, the programme is comprehensive and brilliantly facilitated and is delivered in a punchy, seamless, interactive and practical style with short group activities and lots of great learning points. This will bring consistency of practice among our managers in a fast-growing company and has been a great investment for our business.”

Hayley Pritchard
Learning & Development Specialist, CityFibre

“I can honestly say this was one of the most inspiring and meaningful training sessions I’ve had in my close to 14 years of Sales and 5 years of leadership. It was delivered in such a calm and collected way and I loved the short and succinct sessions. The two days have made a big difference to my thinking and I can’t wait to start putting some of the ideas into practice.”

Paul North
Head of Regional Sales, CityFibre

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