One Day Programmes

Presenting With Confidence

presenting with confidence

In today’s working world, presenting is a fact of life – it is a core business skill and we are expected to be good at it.

No matter what your current level is, you can learn to be a really good presenter. Presenting with Confidence is full of tried and tested techniques, with secrets from the most accomplished presenters and, most importantly, lots and lots of encouragement to turn you into a brilliant presenter.
This is a very practical one-day course.

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Time Management Skills

time management

We live in a world where we have more of everything – except time. In today’s workplace we are expected to do more, do it better, do it quicker, and do it for less.

This Time Management Skills course is for really busy people who want to be able to manage their time and themselves in the most effective way possible. The course helps you identify what steals your time and provides proven techniques to help you plan, prioritise, and delegate effectively.

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Building A
High Performance Team