How To Manage Performance

Knowing the secrets of performance management is central to achieving high performance.

Setting SMART objectives, monitoring performance both informally and formally, and knowing how to hold an effective performance review meeting are essential skills for all managers.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to create a high performing culture by:

  • understanding the key factor that motivates people at work
  • knowing the “right” way to write SMART objectives
  • knowing how to monitor performance through informal conversations
  • being aware of the one golden rule for an effective appraisal review meeting: the 20:80 rule.

Face-to-Face Workshop Content

The workshop opens with a practical group activity exploring the key factor that motivates people at work.

The first step in successfully managing performance is to set SMART objectives so participants learn the “right” way to write a SMART objective.

We explore how to monitor performance through informal conversations and participants practise having an informal “conversation that matters”.

Participants are introduced to the 20:80 rule and why it is so important to bear the rule in mind in order to have an effective appraisal review meeting.

“The secret to performance management is writing good objectives – and good objectives are SMART objectives.”

JJ Lynch, MD, Leading Edge Leadership

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