Are you planning to organise virtual soft skills
training for your staff in 2021?

If you are, we would be delighted to deliver an in-house COMPLIMENTARY 90-minute webinar so that your staff can experience at first-hand the dynamic, exciting and highly interactive virtual training Leading Edge Leadership provide.

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Here’s what we are offering:

  • The complimentary webinar is delivered “live” in a fast-paced, highly interactive style using a range of features such as breakout rooms, polling, facilitated short discussions, video clips and story-telling.
  • Attendees can connect from home, the office – in fact from anywhere in the world
  • We ask for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 of your staff to attend.
  • We also ask that a key decision-maker would participate (or observe) in the webinar so as to get a “feel” for how our webinars are delivered/facilitated and be open to having a 10-minute informal discussion with us afterwards.
  • After the webinar we will forward you a copy of the PPT slides and screenshots of the attendees’ feedback.