What We Offer

Leading Edge Leadership Ltd is a UK-based international training company specialising in providing tailored leadership, management and personal development training solutions, working with organisations and businesses who are leaders in their field.

Leading Edge Leadership pride themselves on their unique style of training delivery/facilitation – fast-paced, high energy, practical and very interactive.

Hold an effective meeting

Our 90-Minute Bite-Sized Workshops are our most popular training option. We have a range of 65 “How To” titles and these can be delivered face-to-face or as webinars. Typically we deliver three workshops in a day for most clients as this is both time and cost effective.

Highly Effective Manager - Slider Image

The Highly Effective Manager is our two-day signature management programme. This is our most requested programme and is ideal for those aspiring to management, new to management, or for those in a management role who had had little or no formal management training. This comprehensive programme provides a truly engaging learning experience for every manager.

Excel as a Leader

The Highly Effective Leader is a two-day programme for middle/senior managers wanting to advance their career and for leaders already in senior positions. This is a highly facilitative programme focusing on leadership behaviours and skills that enable delegates to tackle their business challenges and drive organisational success.