How To Manage Personal Change

This webinar explores the seven principles for successfully managing personal change

In 90 minutes you will learn tips and techniques around the following seven principles in order to make personal change happen:

1. Taking responsibility
2. Defining your life purpose
3. Setting goals for yourself
4. Affirming yourself
5. Doing what you excel at
6. Choosing the people (carefully) you surround yourself with
7. Always wanting to improve

Webinar Content

Personal change demands that we take action. In this webinar we explore the steps we need to take and the things we need to do in order for successful personal change to take place.

Personal change starts with how we think, which influences how we feel and, ultimately, determines how we act. At the heart of our actions we must practice the two D’s – desire and discipline. We can have the desire to change but not the discipline, or the discipline to change but not the desire.

In order for personal change to be successful we must have both.

“Just do it.”