How To Enhance Your Grammar And Punctuation At Work

How To Enhance Your Grammar And Punctuation At Work

We often don’t pay enough attention at school – or even forget much of the grammar and punctuation we’ve learnt. This webinar will remind you of the importance of getting it right – whether it’s formal or informal written communication.

Following this webinar you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of written communication etiquette, using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Know how to follow ‘Plain English’ guidelines of clarity and simple messages
  • Avoid ambiguity, repeats, jargon and negative language
  • Use the correct titles, addresses and signatures – avoiding the common mistakes

Webinar Content

We’ll look at the importance of using plain English, grammar and punctuation – and what it says about us. Then, using a series of short activities, you’ll be able to practise the lessons and useful tips we’ve covered. Finally, you’ll get the opportunity to critique a short email and identify corrections and improvements.