How To Innovate

Steve Jobs defined an innovation as “an idea that ships”. Innovation is about taking an idea that already exists and making it better. Adding value.

The businesses and organisations that have a competitive advantage are those that seek to innovate – they are always restless, constantly questioning, challenging norms, believing that things can always be done differently – and better.

This virtual workshop provides a range of tips and techniques to be more innovative.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to be more innovative in all they do by:

  • understanding the difference between innovation and creativity
  • knowing the right questions to ask to be able to define and then diagnose your innovation challenge
  • learning a range of techniques to help you find your best innovative idea/s
  • learning a 4-step approach to get “buy-in” for your innovation.

Virtual Workshop Content

The workshop defines the difference between innovation and creativity and equips participants with a technique to define and diagnose their innovation challenge.

Participants practise a technique to come up with lots of innovative ideas and a technique to help them objectively arrive at their best innovative idea.

In this very practical virtual workshop, participants learn a 4-step strategy to enable them to get buy-in for their innovation.

“An innovation is an idea that ships.”

Steve Jobs

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