How To Develop Excellent Customer Care

Businesses and organisations that deliver differentiated, reliable and customer-focused service have a distinct competitive advantage. Customers today are more demanding than ever before – they no longer choose between speed, quality or price – they expect all three.

This virtual workshop will equip participants with the skills and techniques to deliver high quality customer service consistently.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to deliver high quality customer service consistently by:

  • knowing how to create the right first impression
  • learning a technique to better understand the customer needs and expectations
  • knowing how to remain calm when customers complain.

Virtual Workshop Content

The virtual workshop explores different ways to make the right first impression by looking at strategies for building rapport. Examples of good customer service and poor customer service are used and reflected upon.

Participants learn techniques to help them better understand the customer needs and expectations and the workshop identifies tips for remaining calm under pressure when a customer complains.

This virtual workshop concludes with role-playing different customer service scenarios.

“The customer isn’t always right but if you don’t listen to them, your product or service won’t be either.”

JJ Lynch, MD, Leading Edge Leadership

Why 90-Minute Training?

Because your people can:

  • Easily access powerful remote learning from anywhere in the world.
  • Learn and develop even when faced with a busy work schedule.
  • Choose only the most relevant courses to their individual needs.
  • Experience variety in their training – not just one subject during the day.
  • Refresh skills, learn some new ones and leave re-energised.
  • Discover practical techniques they can use straight away.
  • Network with colleagues from other departments.
  • Make a powerful impact on what they do and how they do it.

Because your organisation can:

  • Provide timely development to remote workers, based in any location.
  • Align courses to easily complement your other programmes.
  • Focus training in what you really need – pick & mix courses.
  • Maximise your investment with this cost and time efficient concept.
  • Create themed days to support your key business initiatives.
  • Extend training opportunities to far more people than traditional courses.
  • Revitalise your people’s appetite for further learning.
  • Engage your people with accessible, high-quality training.

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