The “How To” Series of Bite-Sized Leadership Webinars

Our virtual 90-minute webinars are designed to make a powerful impact on what your people do and how they do it.

Finding time for training in today’s busy world isn’t easy. Leading Edge Leadership’s virtual 90-minute webinars provide your people with the flexibility to attend highly focused learning webinars that will fit in easily around their hectic work schedules.

  • Each webinar is completed in 90 minutes – no longer than the average meeting
  • Every webinar is highly focused and contains the essentials of the topic it covers.
  • Up to three webinars can be held in any one day.
  • You can choose any combination of webinars and have up to 25 people in attendance at each – so you can provide training for up to 75 delegates per day.
  • With our virtual webinars, you can connect from anywhere in the world.

The “How To” virtual webinars are designed using accelerated learning techniques to ensure maximum learning in minimum time. Each virtual webinar allows your people to learn new skills to put into effect straight away. Incredibly time and cost efficient, this “How To” series of virtual webinars reflects the realities of today’s business environment.

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