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The Highly Effective Manager

The Highly Effective Manager

As a potential new client, we want you to be sure this is the right programme for your managers.

To do so, we will deliver a COMPLIMENTARY 90-minute virtual taster workshop (How To Excel As A Manager – the first workshop in the programme) so that you can be sure this is exactly what you need.

This also presents a great opportunity to see at first-hand Leading Edge Leadership’s style of training delivery/facilitation – fast-paced, high energy, interactive and very practical.

Feel free to complete the Enquiry Form aside.

How To Excel As A Manager – Workshop Content

In this fast paced, practical and highly interactive virtual workshop we identify what makes an excellent manager.

In a short, facilitated activity participants identify some of the challenges they currently face in their role as a manager.

We facilitate a group activity to identify the six characteristics of an excellent manager – what the best managers know, do, say, see, hear and look like.

In a practical breakout room activity participants identify the key qualities of an excellent manager and we explore the differences between being a manager and being a leader.

The workshop identifies the three things all excellent managers do and participants learn about the four questions every manager needs to ask of his/her team – at least once a year.

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