We host a “live” complimentary 90-minute virtual workshop once a month. This is a great opportunity to experience at first-hand Leading Edge Leadership’s highly interactive, practical and exciting workshops. The monthly workshop is open to those in a decision-making position in organisations with 50+ employees (Head of HR, Head of L&D, HR Manager, L&D Manager etc) who would like to experience Leading Edge Leadership’s unique style of facilitation and virtual training delivery.

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Topics for 2021 include:

How To Develop The Role of Women in Management and Leadership

How To Excel As A Manager Working From Home

How To Develop and Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

How To Excel As A Leader

How to Coach 

Three for the price of 1, Virtual 90 Minute Webinars
Three for the price of 1, Virtual 90 Minute Webinars
How to Excel as a manager
How to manage your time better
How to Find Creative Solutions to Problems

Usual Price

1st Workshop

2nd Workshop

3rd Workshop

Usual total price for 3 Workshops
£1350 + VAT

Introductory Offer

1st Workshop

2nd Workshop

3rd Workshop

Introductory price for 3 Workshops
£750 + VAT

  • The workshops are delivered on your premises.
  • Up to 20 delegates can attend each workshop.
  • We provide all the training materials – at no cost to your organisation.
  • We will cover trainer travel costs for workshops delivered in London/Greater London – we do charge trainer travel costs (and accommodation costs where necessary) for workshops delivered outside London/Greater London.
  • There will be no onus on you to commit to further training. All we ask (as part of this offer) is that a key decision maker attends at least one workshop and that we have a brief 15-minute meeting with them immediately after the workshop.

If you would like to talk to us about this offer or any other courses
you are more than welcome to get in touch.

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