What We Offer

Leading Edge Leadership specialise in providing tailored leadership, management and personal development training solutions. We work with organisations and businesses who are leaders in their field.

We offer two core management and leadership programmes:

  • The Highly Effective Manager (2 days)
  • The Highly Effective Leader (2 days)

We offer eight very popular one-day programmes:

  • Presenting With Confidence
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation
  • Time Management Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Performance
  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Developing A High Performance Team
  • Train The Trainer

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to deliver solutions that make a difference so we will:

  • tailor our programmes to meet your exact needs and deliver the outcomes your organisation wants
  • provide various strategies for your staff to apply their new skills back at work
  • measure the impact of our work on the performance of your people

We also offer variety in the form of:

  • A portfolio of 40 bite-sized leadership workshops (90 minutes)
  • A choice of 10 keynote motivational talks (one hour)
  • A choice of one, two, or three hour 1-to-1 face-to-face or online coaching sessions
  • Facilitation of away days, events and meetings.

Our training solutions have been developed to:

  • deliver a fundamental shift in the performance and engagement of people
  • enable people to do more, do it quicker, do it better, and do it for less
  • improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency

All our programmes are fast-paced and highly interactive, offering an engaging blend of activities, discussion and group work alongside the subtle use of multimedia to stimulate thinking and develop capability. We have a team of highly skilled trainers and facilitators, each with an outstanding track record in their chosen field and the necessary experience to deliver the courses you need.

We use a robust evaluation system to measure the performance of the delegates before, during and after the training. Before the course, each delegate is sent a programme-specific questionnaire to assess their existing knowledge, skills and experience. During the delivery of the programme participants record key learning points in their Personal Development Plan. At the end of the programme each delegate assesses their learning and draws up an action plan. After two months the delegates are contacted again and asked to rate their knowledge of the key learning points and describe how their behaviour has changed.