How To Win A Pitch

Winning new clients is the most competitive activity in business today. Virtually all companies now find themselves having to pitch for work and business. And like any competitive activity – sport, war, or politics – there can only be one winner. There are no prizes for coming second. Victory goes to the player who is best prepared, best equipped, and best organised.

This workshop identifies the trade secrets to winning new clients and business and focuses on the 7 steps for delivering the perfect pitch.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to deliver the perfect pitch so that you can connect with prospective clients and win more business by:

  • understanding the difference between a “good pitch”, a “great pitch”, and a “pitch that sells”
  • knowing the 3 steps for preparing a pitch
  • learning the 7 steps for delivering the perfect pitch
  • being aware of how to identify, discuss and fulfil the client’s needs appropriately.

Face-to-Face Workshop Content

This workshop identifies the 10 qualities of a great presenter and the 3 things a great pitch does.

Participants are introduced to the 3 steps for preparing a pitch and to a 7-step structure for delivering a “pitch that sells”.

A pitch is also about having an effective two-way conversation so the workshop explores the techniques required to identify, discuss, and fulfil the client’s needs appropriately.

The workshop concludes with participants taking part in a short two-minute “Dragon’s
Den-style” pitch.

“When we are selling our ideas, the audience must first buy us”

Harvey Mackay

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