How To Tell Stories To Motivate And Inspire

Everyone has a story to tell. Behind every great event lies a great story. And every business has a story to tell too.

Stories are told and retold because they contain wisdom. A story with a practical idea can make people believe. A story with an emotional idea can make people care. And the “right” story can make people act.

Telling stories is both an art and a science. This workshop shows you how to master the art of storytelling.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to inspire and motivate their team through the art of storytelling by:

  • understanding what makes a great story
  • learning 3 great storytelling techniques
  • finding out what we can learn from the greatest storyteller on the world stage
  • understanding WHY your business must tell a story.

Face-to-Face Workshop Content

In this workshop participants explore what makes a great story and the impact of a great story.

We identify the 3 things all great storytellers do and focus on 3 storytelling techniques – keeping your story simple, understanding that there is more than one way to tell a story, and the impact of asking great questions.

Participants are challenged to identify their organisation’s WHY – because this is the starting point for the organisation’s story.

The workshop concludes by looking at the storytelling techniques so eloquently used by Barack Obama.

“Every great story gives you the ending you want but in a was you least expected.”

JJ Lynch, MD, Leading Edge Leadership

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