How To Motivate

This workshop provides delegates with practical strategies to motivate their team for optimum performance.

Motivation is really two words: “motive” and “action”. If we want people to act we must give them a motive or a reason to do so.

Research shows that people work best when they feel good about themselves – the challenge lies in understanding how to get the best from your people.

This workshop shows you how motivate.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to make people feel good about themselves by:

  • understanding the true definition of motivation
  • having an awareness of why people become unhappy at work and underperform
  • being able to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs to a business context
  • knowing the most important words and phrases to use in the workplace.

Face-to-Face Workshop Content

In this workshop participants explore the difference between motivating and inspiring and in a practical group activity identify the number one reason why people become unhappy and underperform at work.

The workshop focuses on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs and how to apply this thinking to a business context.

Participants learn how to characterise their own organisation in terms of levels of motivation and the workshop concludes with a very powerful group activity that identifies ten principles for making people feel good about themselves.

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Sir Alex Ferguson

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