How To Manage Conflict

In a busy working environment internal conflicts can be detrimental to your company morale and business results. With the stress of delivering strategic objectives, meeting deadlines, and juggling different departmental priorities, having the ability to resolve conflict effectively is essential in the workplace today.

This workshop provides you with practical strategies to address conflict management.

In 90 minutes participants will learn how to recognise and handle conflict by:

  • understanding the different types of conflict
  • identifying their preferred conflict handling style: a self-evaluation
  • learning a simple step-by-step process for resolving conflict
  • becoming aware of the key interpersonal skills for resolving conflict.

Face-to-Face Workshop Content

In this workshop we explore what we mean by “conflict” and we identify the 3 elements of conflict and the 4 levels of conflict.

Each participant completes a short psychometric profile to identify his or her preferred conflict-handling style.

The workshop looks at the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour.

Participants identify the 4 characteristics of an assertive person and learn how to be assertive in the workplace in 3 simple steps.

The workshop concludes with participants learning a technique to disagree agreeably.

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation”

Wayne Dyer

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