How The Best Leaders Make Their Ideas Happen

There is no secret ingredient for leadership.

The good news is:

every leadership skill can be learned

you can lead at any level of the organisation

you do not need qualifications to lead

leadership is not about seniority or your title.

Leadership is about what you do. 

So what do leaders do?

They do three things.

I call it the IPH of leadership.

Leaders at all levels have a very simple IDEA (I).

Leaders motivate and inspire PEOPLE (P) to buy into their idea.

And then, leaders make their idea HAPPEN (H).

In the busyness of the everyday workplace it is easy to get caught up in crises, random requests, setbacks and surprises.

The best leaders deal with these but make sure they find the time to keep pushing forward with their idea.

They never let the urgent drive out the important.

Their idea drives their agenda.

Call it strategy – if you want to be sophisticated.

Call it vision – if you want to be aspirational.

Behind every successful business of any size there is normally a great and very simple idea:

Facebook – connecting friends
Ryanair – low fares
Leading Edge Leadership – making leadership easy.

Your idea becomes the starting point for making great things happen –

and the best leaders make these things happen through their people.