What A Magical Moment!

What A Magical Moment!

JJ Lynch

On Saturday the greatest rugby team ever to grace the game, the All Blacks, lifted the Rugby World Cup with a pulsating display against their arch rivals Australia. 

But the day will also be remembered for the magical moment that occurred as the All Blacks completed their lap of honour around Twickenham stadium.  

A 14 year-old boy broke through the ranks of stewards  determined to hug his hero Sony Bill Williams.

Just watch the video clip below to experience the magical moment that then followed:

(Click on the image. Running time: 1 min 47 secs)

So what can we learn from this magical moment?

The young boy took a risk – in life, as in business, we sometimes must take risks to succeed.

The young boy was determined – without such an attitude we won’t succeed in life or in business.

A simple gesture can make a huge impact – Sony Bill Williams’ incredible act of generosity has made headlines across the world.

This simple act reminds me of the words so eloquently expressed by Maya Angelou:

People will forget what you said,
people will forget how you said it,
but people will never forget how you made them feel. 

How does your business make your people feel?

Be like the All Blacks and be the best in everything you do.

Because this weekend we saw the All Blacks as a team, and Sony Bill Williams, at a very personal level, do exactly just that.

Get the basics right – and keep them simple. The best leaders and the best teams always do.

Leadership is simple, but it is not easy.

The best leaders, and the best teams, make leadership easy – by keeping it simple.

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