The Beauty of Simplicity

The Beauty of Simplicity

JJ Lynch 

What is difficult becomes habitual,
what is habitual becomes easy,
what is easy is beautiful. 
Constantine Stanislavski

Leadership Anecdote of the Week

There is an old story set during the height of the space race between Russia and America. Concerns were raised that pens could not write in space and therefore taking notes on expeditions was going to be problematic. The Americans subsequently spent millions of taxpayer dollars to research and devise a pen that could write underwater, upside down, and most importantly, in zero gravity. 

The Russians gave each of their cosmonauts a pencil.

The moral of the above story is not to overcomplicate matters. And so it is with leadership. 

Leadership is simple but it is not easy. The secret to making leadership easy is to keep it simple. 

Simple is best. 

The more uncomplicated the language you use to communicate your ideas the more powerful your message will be. 

Reflect on the power of these simple words and phrases:


Thank you

I’m sorry

I love you.

Einstein was near the mark when he advised “if you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself”. 

Keep things simple – the best leaders always do.

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