The 4 Secrets for Building A High Performing Team

The 4 Secrets for Building A High Performing Team

A high performing team is always restless, constantly questioning, never satisfied, challenging norms, believing that things can always be better. 

How would you feel if your team performed like this – all day, every day?

Well – it can be done!

I’m sure you will have heard of a SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses etc.

That’s the old way.

Here’s a new way.

A better way.

A simpler way.

I want to share with you 4 very simple questions that you need to ask of your team at least once every six months – so that you can start building a high performance culture. 
Brilliant Basics

Q1. What are the good things we do in our team we must keep doing?

(Your team will be great at answering this question).

Q2. What are the bad things we do in our team we must stop doing?

(Your team will not be so good at answering this question). 

Q3. What are the occasional things we do in our team we must do more often?

(You might be surprised at the answers your team give to this question). 

Q4. What are the things we don’t do in our team we must start doing?

(The answers to this question could transform the way your team perform). 

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