The 2 Skills of Great Leadership

The 2 Skills of Great Leadership


JJ Lynch

Over the past twenty years that I have been delivering leadership training and leadership talks I have often been asked – what are the top skills of a great leader?

Great leaders ask great questions and great leaders are great listeners.

Great questions are always open-ended questions –

And the most powerful question of all is the one-worded “why?” question.

“Why” gets you to your reason, your cause, your essence.

Great leaders are great listeners.

Look at the word listen.

The letters of listen also spell the word silent.

Great leaders create the context to be silent and to be a great listener simply by asking great questions.

When we ask great questions we challenge.

And when we listen we make people feel important.

The true calling of leadership is to help others to grow and make others feel important.

Be a great leader.

Ask great questions and be a great listener.

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