Presenting to Sell – The 7 Secrets

Presenting to Sell – The 7 Secrets

JJ Lynch

Every day thousands of presentations are delivered across the UK. Many are good presentations, some great, but few are “presentations that sell”.

What’s the difference?


“Presentations that sell” change behaviour.They are transformational. They have the audience asking – “What next ? How can I buy that product or access that service?”

So what are the 7 secrets for delivering a “presentation that sells”?

1. You see your presentation not as a product but as an opportunity to inspire further growth towards action.

2. You know your audience – their needs, their challenges, their problems (people with a problem will spend money on it within 12 months).

3. You create a connection with your audience straight away – that they WANT to work with YOU. (Acid test – if you didn’t have any products or services would the audience still buy YOU?).

4. You understand your “Why?” – what’s makes you passionate about what you do. (Your “Why” is the difference between a “pushy” and an irresistible sale).

5. You establish a need- an emotional need – and build a picture (often through stories) of the desired outcome your audience are craving.

6. You focus on benefits – how it will change their lives. (content doesn’t sell, people want benefits).

7. You reveal your products – and you make an offer your audience can’t resist.

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