How You Manage Performance Will Determine How Successful Your Business Will Be

How You Manage Performance Will Determine How Successful Your Business Will Be

by JJ Lynch

I’m privileged to do the work I do.
I get many wonderful opportunities to experience the culture and working practices of a wide range of different businesses and organisations.

I often find some great work practices, some average work practices, and some quite mediocre work practices. 

These experiences have taught me two lessons –

your business is only as good as the people you employ (or have inherited) 

And more importantly,

how you manage the performance of your people determines how successful your business will be. 

I want to share with you what I believe are the three secrets of great performance management.

Secret 1: The key secret to great performance management is writing great objectives – and great objectives are always SMART objectives, therefore:

Every employee has 4-5 SMART objectives.

The 4-5 objectives contain both task objectives and behavioural objectives.

Every employee plays an integral part in framing their own objectives with their line manager.

Secret 2: Once the objectives are set, there is ongoing, informal, meaningful conversations throughout the year between the manager and the employee. 

The secret to meaningful conversations is to ask great questions – and great questions are always open-ended questions.

And the most powerful questions are always the one-word questions:

Why? When? Where? How?….

Secret 3: The secret to ensuring a successful annual performance review meeting is to remember one rule – the 20:80 rule. 

Simply put, this means the manager does 20% of the talking in the review meeting, the employee does 80%.

Why? Because it is the employee’s review, therefore s/he should do the talking.

And the way for every manager to ensure this happens is to ask great questions.

When we ask great questions (open -ended questions) we create the environment to be a great listener – and when we listen we make the other person feel important and valued.

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