Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative Thinking and Innovation

(one-day training programme)

Do you want your employees to be more creative and innovative?

They can be.

Are you looking for new ways for your employees:

to show initiative?
to manage projects better?
to deal with underperformance?

to show leadership?
to manage a difficult individual?
to come up with new ideas (for fund-raising)? 

When you apply creativity and innovation to every aspect of your business, you are able to stay ahead of a changing marketplace and your competition.

Leading Edge Leadership’s Creative Thinking and Innovation one-day training programme gives participants several really simple tools to stimulate creative thinking and come up with some great ideas and useful solutions to a wide range of workplace initiatives/projects/problems.

Excellent, succinct, and very useful.

Elizabeth Knock

(Head of Corporate Development: Breast Cancer Campaign)

The trainer, JJ, was great. He kept us engaged throughout and really knew his stuff. The course was excellent too and challenged you to think about everyday work issues in different ways.

Cait Wrigley
Social Media Officer: Breast Cancer Campaign

I am excited about putting these techniques into practice.

Beth Palmer

(“Wear it Pink” Project Officer: Breast Cancer Campaign)

                        Course Outline

Introduction: The 6 steps of The Creative Thinking Model.

Step 1: Identifying your workplace challenge.

Step 2: Identifying the causes and the root cause of your workplace challenge – asking WHY?

Step 3: Generating solutions.

Step 4: Finding the best solution/s

Step 5: Getting buy-in for your solution from the people that matter.

Step 6: Implementing and monitoring your proposed solution.

 You will learn:

how to remember each step of The 6-Step Creative Thinking Model

how to use the Why/Why technique to get to the root cause of your workplace challenge

how to use a great technique for generating solutions – The Ideas Generating Model

how to arrive at your best solution – using the very powerful Effort-Impact Matrix Model.

how to get buy-in for your idea/s from those that matter using The 4P’s Model of Influence.

how to ask the only two questions  you need to ask to ensure the success of your proposed solution.

We deliver this one-day programme in-company on your premises.

We work with groups of 12-14 delegates.

Great content…..great trainer….great experience

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